In July 2005, the Richmond Fellowship of Western Australia (RFWA) brought Ron Coleman and Karen Taylor (from Scotland) to Perth to deliver a series of Recovery workshops. Ron’s support and encouragement to begin a HVN resulted in Richmond Fellowship of WA taking the innovative step of auspicing the development of Hearing Voices Network Australia (HVNA).

Whilst HVNA ceased in 2017, a committed team of representives from state Hearing Voices Networks and other organiastions and individuals active in the Australian Hearing Voices Community, forms the Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project (AHVEP). This initiaitve builds on the work of a reference group established in 2015 to investigate the possiblity of establishing a national Hearing Voices organisation and their recommendation of implementing a national framework to enhance the development of the Hearing Voices Movement in Australia.

The idea to create this site came in response to the survey that Keepwell Ltd released at the World Hearing Voices Conference in Melbourne in 2013.

A copy of the report is available from Arana Pearson at 

Douglas Holmes has taken responsibility to follow up the feedback from the survey with Voice Hearers and their supporters from across Australia to see what interest there is in developing a Voice Hearers led network organisation across Australia.

To check on progress with the new network click here


To start this process I developed a memo that was circulated to voice hearers and the state based voice hearer networks across Australia as the basis for a meeting at the 2014 TheMHS Conference in Perth.

Response to the Keepwell HVNA Report V0.2 260514

This resulted in 17 people meeting on Thursday 28 August 2014 to discuss the memo and other issues; Notes from the meeting are available here Report 2014 HVNA Meeting TheMHS.

People attending the meeting agreed to meet again at the 2015 TheMHS Conference in Canberra.

Twelve people attended the meeting in Canberra at the 2015 TheMHS Conference. A report will be finalise once the National Establishment Committee agreed to the final wording of the report. 

How do you design a network across Australia

I have included a document that I have found useful when thinking about how we might design a network across Australia

How do you Setup a Network

9 thoughts on “Background

  1. When I was in Australia in 2005 noticed that there is quiet a differance from one state or town ? to the next ,Sydney Kings Cross had an informal drop in center largely volunteers and once a week physiatric consult..Ballarat Vic. had meals…Melbourne Slavation army meal and hand out…Came across all by accident cause of (trying to;-)helping someone in need. How do the lost find them I wonder?
    Now we are running out of opties in Holland cause the government are trying to save money (instead of people;-)..But lets know how its on your side…?So we both can keep up to date.Take care:-)
    Kind regards
    Maryanne Bosch


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