Report on HVN meeting 28/08/14

On evening of Thursday the 28th of August an open meeting was held during the TheMHS Conference in Perth, Approximately 20 people were in attendance.

The meeting opened with general introductions, next Lyn briefed the group on the background to the meeting advising the group that this is a part of an ongoing conversation that commenced in 2011 between members of state based Australian HV Networks.

Following the 2012 Voices Vic Conference, several of the Australian HV leadership, along with RFWA CEO Joe Calleja and HVNA Patron Ron Coleman met to discuss the development of a National HV Network and formed an informal steering group.

The steering group was made up of Bruce Roberts and Douglas Holmes (HVN NSW), Indigo Daya, Kellie Comans and Ros Thomas (Voices Vic), Lyn Mahboub & Joe Calleja (WA). In 2013, at the World HV Congress in Melbourne, following a survey by Arana Pearson, an open meeting was held to share the results of the survey and to discuss the idea further. At that meeting Kellie Comans (Australia’s representative on the Intervoice Board) volunteered to set up an online forum to advance the discussion further. Apart from some discussion between some folk, due to technical difficulties, this has not proceeded.

Kellie sent a hello to us at this meeting with a message that she hopes to progress this in the near future. Lyn advised that Welsh voice hearer and philanthropist Hywel Davis had offered some seed start-up money for the development of a National Network which is being kept in trust by RFWA and that there has been some discussion within this group about the idea of meeting again in March-April 2015 to discuss next steps. The funds will be able to be accessed to support this to occur given the tyranny of distance we all face.

Douglas Holmes then provided an overview of progress to date and facilitated some general discussion and sharing of ideas and projects about a National Network and supported the idea of a National Newsletter or Communique. The idea was that perhaps each state based Network or group could provide information to a central body to put up as a blog or newsletter. Action – Lyn to ask the HVNA IT folk if it was doable on the site.

Douglas Holmes circulated a sign up list to provide to Kellie Comens for those interested in being involved in this iterative conversation.

The meeting closed after about an hour and a half conversation.


2 thoughts on “Report on HVN meeting 28/08/14

  1. Thanks fir the update Doug. It’s really helpful to know how this is progressing. Hope you are enjoying your travels !

    Vanessa Beavan Senior Lecturer Australian College of Applied Psychology


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