Message from Amanda Waegeli

Dear colleague,

As you will probably will be aware the upcoming World Hearing Voices Congress, this year in Boston MA will be beginning soon. August 16th- 18th 2017 to be exact. More information can be found here: or

The Australian Hearing Voices Establishment project has been asked by Intervoice to prepare a short Australian report for the upcoming Intervoice Day. We have identified an Australian who will be attending the Intervoice Day who has agreed to read the report on our behalf.

Historically for those who are not aware, the first day of the World Hearing Voices Congress is called Intervoice Day and time is allocated for reports from each country their activities around Hearing Voices is read out and shared with participants. Unfortunately only a brief amount of time is allocated to each country e.g. 5-10 minutes. 

The Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project now need your help and support in forwarding a brief (no longer than one to two paragraphs) summary of you or your organisation, program or collective’s Hearing Voices activities in Australia over the last year.   

I will collate the summaries into a report, on behalf of the Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project and forward it to Intervoice and our representative for presentation. However I will need your brief input emailed to me by Friday July 21st 

If you are interested in reading the final Australian report for Intervoice I can also send you a copy when it is complete, so please just let me know. 
I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,
 Amanda Waegeli

Steering Committee

Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project 


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