Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project

This page will have a list of documents that relate to the development of the Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project

A telconference was held on Friday 17 July where 13 people were in attendance and 4 people were apologies.

This group came together after Lyn Maboub sent an email to Douglas Holmes who distributed it to 56 emails that he had collected and placed into a Mailchimp list and sent out 5 enews over 5 weeks.

Minutes were kept of the meeting and once they have been agreed to by the people attending the next teleconference in about 6 weeks they will be placed on this Blog.

There was concensus by the people who attended the teleconference that we should continue to meet and they thanked Richmond Wellbeing for supporting the teleconference, The group will meet in about 6 weeks to further this work.

If you would like more information contact your state based network Current State Network


National HV Teleconfernece 17 July 2015 final agenda-web version Agenda for the meeting on 17 July 2015

HVN National structure narrative Nov 2012 – a document that was developed in 2012 outling 3 Options for the way forward

How do you Setup a Network – a document that highlights the steps needed to develop a network 

Notes from ANHVRG meeting V0.2 020915

Agenda National HV Entity 13.11.15

Notes from ANHVRG meeting V0.1 131115

National HV Entity Reference Group Members List Contact Details

This image from the end of the 1st Steering Committee meeting on 15/17 April 2016. 

From Left to Right

Dave Facer, Glen Healt, Amanda Waegeli, Bruce Roberts and Douglas Holmes. 


Well done !!!!!!!


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